Steel anchor strop, 7mm

Durable, portable anchor for structural attachment with variable lengths available.

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Steel anchor strop with swaged eyes including stainless thimble.

Used to provide a durable and reliable temporary anchor connection for rescue systems and fall protection equipment where no fixed anchor points are available.

Steel anchor strop is a strong and flexible wire that is hard wearing.

Clear tube which protects the wire structure and allows for visual inspection. Helps minimise slippage on some surfaces.

The large thimble holds the eyes open and allow rotation of connectors for easier rigging.

Plastic sleeves over the swages protect the user from sharp edges and ends of wire whilst also protecting the label and ID number from dirt and abrasion allowing for longer usable lifespan.

Lengths available: 0.5 m, 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m

heightec’s steel anchor strop is a component of several work and rescue kits:

  • Roof Work Kit (WK04)
  • RescuePack Pro (WK35). Industrial rescue kit for fire service and professional rescue teams.
  • Rotor WTG Rescue System (WK41). For self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty from tall structures.

View heightec’s full range of anchors and slings:

Soft eye (identical except without thimbles):

  • AS100 – 1 m
  • AS150 – 1.5 m
  • AS200 – 2 m

Stainless steel:

  • ASA100 – 1 m
  • ASA150 – 1.5 m
  • ASA200 – 2 m

Commodity Code: 7312108112

Country of Origin: UK


  • 7 x 19 steel wire
  • PVC protective tube
  • Large stainless steel thimbles
  • Plastic sleeve on swages
  • Individual ID number
  • Clear PVC tube sleeve protects the wire and structure, allowing for visual inspection and helps minimise slippage on some surfaces.
  • Label located away from dirt and abrasion allowing for longer usable life span.
  • The large thimbles allows rotation of connectors for easier rigging.


Sizing: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m or 2m
Material: Galvanised 7 x 19 steel wire rope. Aluminium ferrule, stainless steel thimble. PVC sleeve.
Loading: SWL 300 kg
Weight: 0.45 kg
Conformity: EN795(B), EN354 (lengths upto 2m)