HEXAN 6 to 1 pulley rescue system with integral locking

6:1 mechanical advantage with integrated cleat to immediately secure the load. Delivers large mechanical advantage to de-weight a casualty from their suspension system.

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6 to 1 pulley

heightec’s HEXAN 6 to 1 pulley has been designed for moving a casualty to an evacuation point or transferring from a fall arrest or suspension system to a rescue system.

The HEXAN features ball bearing, triple sheave pulleys to minimise friction. Also features locking cleat.

Constructed from 5 mm polyester cord, this load assist casualty rescue pulley system provides 2 m maximum operating length.

Supplied in a cordura bag with belt loops and velcro closure.

HEXAN 6 to 1 rescue pulley is NOT PPE – use for mechanical assistance only. Approved under the Machinery Directive.

View heightec’s full range of pulleys including the TORNADO lifting and lowering device for controlled lifting and lowering, CYCLONE heavy duty hauling pulley with a locking cam and HURRICANE rope clamp with pulley – casualty recovery hauling device.

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heightec’s VANTAGE 5:1 Locking Casualty Pulley for transferring a casualty onto a rescue system without cutting connections. The VANTAGE provides a strong, light, tangle free method of lifting a casualty onto a rescue system. Extremely simple and intuitive to operate. Automatic locking allows efficient progress capture during rescue. The cam does not lock open, removing the risk of accidentally releasing the load.

Commodity Code: 6307909899

Country of Origin: UK

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  • Ball bearing, triple sheave pulleys to minimise friction
  • Locking cleat
  • 5mm polyester cord
  • Maximum operating length of 2m
  • Supplied in storage bag


Sizing: 1.2m
Material: Polyester, stainless steel, nylon
EN Mass Test: 0.63kg
Loading: WLL 1.5kN
Weight: 0.7 kg
Conformity: CE EN13157