HURRICANE casualty recovery device

Casualty recovery hauling device. Allows pulley system to be created at any point along a kernmantel rope. Integral component of RescuePack casualty recovery systems.

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Unique, patented casualty recovery hauling device. Allows pulley system to be created at any point along a kernmantel rope.

Constructed of lightweight alloy with our trademark X-Cam™, designed specifically for industrial or professional use and offers immediate purchase on the rope whilst minimising the potential for rope damage.

The X-Cam™ will continue to hold over 100 kg on a rope even in the extreme event of a sheath being ruptured.

The simplicity and compactness of the HURRICANE casualty recovery device compared with other traditional systems is a major advantage in allowing non-experts to achieve the lifting of a suspended casualty. It is the only product to allow intuitive assembly of such a system.

As the device can be attached at any point along the rope, the lifting system can be remote from the casualty, reducing the amount of rope required by around 70%.

British Safety Industry Federation innovation award winner.

Integral component of:

RescuePack – Fall Arrest Rescue System

RescuePack Fall Arrest Rescue System – ProSeal the ultimate storage solution for mission-critical equipment. Hermetically sealed giving a 20 year lifespan with supremely simple inspection process.

RescuePack Pro – industrial rescue system

Advanced Lifting & Lowering Kit for rigging and light lifting

X-Cam™ design gives increased performance over traditional sharp tooth design

  • Cam exerts considerable grip on rope after sheath has broken
  • Cam doesn’t pluck rope
  • Easy to remove from rope if accidentally jammed into knot

Commodity Code: 7616999099

Country of Origin: UK

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Casualty recovery hauling device


  • X-Cam advanced tooth design
  • X-Cam superior geometry
  • Profiled attachment points & slimline design
  • Ergonomic low-profile release catch
  • Detachable from the harness
  • Self locking pulley catch with simplified operation
  • Karabiner attachment near cam - can be used to reset pulley systems
  • Low profile attachment for tool tether
  • High strength & durable construction
  • Individual serial number


Sizing: Rope diameter 10.5mm - 11 mm ropes
Material: Alloy body, stainless steel Cam, nylon wheel
EN Mass Test: 100 kg
Loading: 100 kg SWL
Weight: 0.325 kg
Conformity: EN12278 & EN12841 (B)