Standard DUON helmet sticker sets (unbranded)

Helmet compatible sticker packs - options available include: clear, reflective and first aider

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Standard DUON helmet sticker sets

heightec now offer a full range of standard DUON helmet sticker sets that are suitable for the new DUON and DUON-Air technical safety helmets range.

MH81 – Clear sticker set – (full set)
Pre-cut set of 6 transparent sticker panels provide a base layer to allow the wearers to write their name in permanent marker or apply other stickers to helmets. Using transparent stickers as a base helps to preserve helmet integrity and ensures that it maintains a high level of safety for the users.

MH82 – Reflective sticker set – (full set)
Pre-cut set of 6 sticker panels in a plain silver reflective finish for increase visibility.

MH83 – First Aider stickers – (10 pack)
Pre-cut First Aider stickers with internationally recognised white cross on green background. Sold in packs of 10.

MH84 – Inspection Stickers – (10 pack)
Pre-cut white Inspection stickers, usually attached to the inner helmet surface to record inspection details on each individual helmet. Sold in packs on 10.


heightec also offer a bespoke branded helmet sticker service for their DUON helmets. We can print customer logos in a full range of colours to meet customer needs and enable easy and quick identification of persons working on site. Click here for more information on the bespoke helmet sticker range.

Click on the links to find out more about heightec’s DUON and DUON-Air technical safety helmet range.

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Country of Origin: UK

DUON Helmet Orange rear detail