Industrial Rescue Technician – Advanced

This course builds on the content of the Industrial Rescue Technician - Advanced course to provide more in-depth experience of different rescue situations and competence in thorough inspection of the equipment as required by legislation.

Provides knowledge of a full range industrial rescue skills together with experience of varied rescue situations.

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Industrial Rescue RescuePack Advanced
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This course is intended for rescue teams or emergency team members of industrial rescue teams, who may be required to deal with a wide range of emergency situations.

Industrial Rescue Technician – Advanced course is for rescue teams or emergency team members from any industrial environment who wish to advance their user skills to operate in more complex rescue situations.

This industrial rescue course teaches techniques to turn heightec’s RescuePack into a small rope rescue capability. Contains exercises in rescue management, casualty assessment and casualty handling. Use of tensioned tagline for additional control during lowering or raising.

Also covered in this course is complex rigging and more versatile uses of stretchers. These systems also provide the capability for access and rescue from confined spaces.

Safety footwear required for all practical sessions.

Supervisors are assessed on their ability to correctly specify the correct rescue procedure for different locations, including requirements for personal safety of rescuers.

Methods of thorough inspection including marking, traceability, certification and record keeping.

ACWAHT (Advisory Committee for Work at Height Training) syllabus is also covered in this course.

Course elements covered include:

  • Understanding complex pulley theory
  • Friction factors in hauling systems
  • Vector angles and end loadings
  • Safety factors in tensioned lines
  • Load sharing in anchorages
  • Casualty handling in stretchers
  • Suspension trauma medical and post rescue issues

Practical skills covered in this course include:

  • Construct 6:1 pulley system
  • Use of releasable deviations
  • Create complex anchorage systems to loadshare and position
  • Create tensioned line cableway system
  • Stretcher attachments
  • Use of suspension trauma loops

Revalidation course available.
Arranged for groups only. Please call for details.

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Course Details

Duration: 2 days
Course Venues: Aberdeen, Kendal, Leeds, London
Entry Requirements: Candidates must have completed RescuePack User. Minimum age 18. Must be fluent in English.
Instructor Ratio: 1:6
Course Code: TRE7UA
Assessment: Practical and written
Certification: heightec
Validity Period: 3 years
Medical Requirements: Physical fitness with no contra-indications for working at height. A self-certified statement of reasonable fitness will be requested prior to attendance.
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