Rescue system for recovery of suspended person by lowering/lifting

RescuePack™ is a versatile self-contained rescue system for the recovery of a suspended person by lowering or lifting. It also allows a casualty to be raised over an edge or guard rail. Using the patented Quadra and Hurricane rope devices, RescuePack™ creates a simple, ready to use, rescue system with 3:1 mechanical advantage with automatic locking capability.

The system was originally introduced in 2003 as ScaffPack™ aimed primarily at the construction and scaffolding sectors. Due to its ongoing success and implementation across many industries throughout the UK and worldwide we have rebranded the system to RescuePack™. This reflects its broader application and aligns it with our existing RescuePack™ range which includes the award winning RescuePack Pro™.

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RescuePack™ Training Course

A half day Rescue After a Fall course is available at our Height Safety Centres across the UK. The course covers all aspects of raising and lowering casualties using the RescuePack™ system.

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