RescueHauler Rope Controller

Advanced rope controller with high load rating, optimised for rescue & hauling applications

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NEW RescueHauler rope controller is a simple and intuitive rescue device optimised for rescue and lifting / lowering operations.

  • Simple – Single cam design provides precision control when lowering
  • Safe – The dual safety braking function increases reliability and safety
  • Tough – Designed for extended use in aggressive environments

The RescueHauler has an auto-locking function when the handle is released and a progressive secondary brake if the handle is pulled sharply in panic. This mechanism is typically more intuitive for users, than devices that trip out and require resetting.

Stainless steel cam design provides precision control when lowering, giving safe predictable descent and provides a high degree of corrosion and wear resistance.  The wear indicator on the cam surface shows when device should be ultimately retired from use.

Choice of tail rope positions for different uses i.e. in-line (over stainless braking surface) reduces rope twist on long descents and increases device longevity on dirty rope or over front plate similar to other commonly used devices.

Handle has specific indexing to ensure it can be perfectly positioned for feeding rope out and to allow locking of the handle for efficient lifting and hauling operations.

For hauling and lifting operations, the slide catch on the body locks the handle in the hauling position, eliminating accidentally release. It is compatible with a wide range of systems to generate mechanical advantage e.g.  Hurricane, Vantage rescue pulley

Mechanism is fully accessible for inspection, cleaning and service. Less reliant on small moving parts than other similar devices. Allows ease of use in more aggressive work environments (slopes, dirty, grit and muddy ropes for example).

Has enhanced mis-threading protection, cam locks if the device is threaded backwards in lowering mode.

Genuine 2 person 200kg load rating, with no extra friction components required. Single user rating of 20kg – 150kg.

Rope diameter: 10.5 – 11mm

Patent pending

RescueHauler is a core component of:

  • RescuePack Reach – simple, versatile and award-winning self-contained fall arrest rescue system. For the recovery of a suspended person from almost any fall protection system by lowering or lifting.
  • RescuePack Reach – ProSeal include the ultimate storage solution for mission-critical equipment. Hermetically sealed, giving a 20 year lifespan with supremely simple inspection process.
  • Advanced Lifting & Lowering Kit (RescueHauler) – a comprehensive kit allowing multiple configurations for lifting, lowering and directing loads.

Also available:

  • Work at Height First Aid Pack – portable kit for use on high structures. Compliant with BS8599-1:2019. Can be attached to harness for easy transport.

Commodity Code: 7616999099

Country of Origin: UK

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  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Double stop safety at its core - dual safety braking function prevents misuse
  • Locks if the device is threaded backwards
  • Single cam design for ease of use and inspection
  • Built for extended use in the toughest work environments
  • High native load rating without the need for additional friction
  • Multiple safety features to prevent misuse
  • Marking indicates handle position for efficient hauling and lifting operations
  • Handle detent enables easy paying out of rope
  • Built-in wear indicator
  • High load rating 200kg
  • 10.5-11mm ropes


Sizing: Rope diameter 10.5-11mm
Material: Anodised Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel
EN Mass Test: 200kg
Loading: 200kg SWL. 2kN WLL
Weight: 0.6 kg
Conformity: EN 12841 type C