Alloy scaffold hook

Aluminium alloy hook with wide opening and double action gate.

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Alloy Scaffold hook

Alloy Scaffold Hook with double action stainless steel gate.

Aluminium alloy construction for reduced weight.

Anodised for corrosion protection.

Stainless steel gate for increased strength.

Double action gate is self closing and locking and allows one handed operation.

Captive eye keeps the loading close to the spine (thus reducing any loss in strength) and helps ensure correct load orientation.

The scaffold hook also features a 62 mm gate opening.

Also available with modified gate for rescue. Please see Alloy scaffold hook with rescue safety lock (CH01AM). Special gate modification prevents incorrect attachment to the casualty when used with rescue reach pole (MSRM). Without the modification, the hook can easily cross load which reduces the strength significantly.


  • Main body anodised aluminium alloy
  • Gate stainless steel
  • Double action gate
  • Gate opening: 62 mm
  • Overall size: L 238 mm, W 114 mm
  • Captive eye


Sizing: L 238mm, W 114mm
Material: Aluminium body, stainless steel gate
Loading: 22kN major axis
Weight: 0.48 kg
Conformity: EN 362:2004/A