GRATEMATE – lightweight rope protector for metal or composite grating walkways

GRN rope protector for metal or composite grating walkways.

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GRATEMATE grating rope protector is specially designed for metal or composite grating walkways known as ‘Kennedy grating’ found on offshore platforms and petrochemical as well as process sites.

The two ropes pass through separate apertures to prevent rope on rope friction when in use.

GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon) plastic construction gives unrivalled strength and durability in use whilst remaining lightweight.

As the rope tubes are separate the grating rope protector can straddle the transverse bars of the grating allowing it to fit a larger range of grate sizes.

4 cord attachment points to secure Gratemate, giving a large range of tie down options. Comes complete with cord.

2 karabiner holes allow the Gratemate to be transported easily on harness gear loops or racked together for storage.

Maximum rope diameter is 13 mm.

The GRATEMATE requires no tools to fit therefore preventing any risk of dropped objects.

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Commodity Code: 3926909790

Country of Origin: UK

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  • Provides protection for two ropes in separate apertures (13 mm max)
  • Tough reinforced construction
  • Fits wide range of grating sizes
  • 4 points for attachment
  • 2 karabiner holes for transportation
  • Recessed area for unique ID number
  • Comes complete with cord attachments


Sizing: 13mm max rope diameter x 2
Material: Nylon (glass reinforced)
Weight: 0.066 kg
Conformity: Non PPE