NEW NEON – Rigger’s Harness

Premium multi-adjustable harness for tower climbing and rigging.

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The NEON rigger’s harness structure ensures good fit with maximum comfort and security. Chest rings and articulated hip section align the webbing to give the optimum fit and freedom of movement.

Ergonomic belt with large lumbar pad for high level comfort and support during positioning. Side D-rings stay in place for ease of attachment.

Shoulder buckles allow quick and easy adjustment with one hand.

The NEON also features integrated parking points allow lanyards to be stowed when not in use yet break free in a fall preventing issues from incorrect loading. Positioned on the shoulder pads to avoid the trip hazard associated with longer lanyards.


  • Torso 95 – 125 cm. Thigh 65 – 95 cm. Waist 70 – 160 cm

Also available with quick connect leg buckles. View NEON Rigger’s harness, quick connect. Safelock™ quick connect leg and waist buckles make fitting fast and easy. As the buckles do not need to be slackened to remove the harness readjustment is not required every time it is worn.

Commodity Code: 6307909899

Country of Origin: UK


  • Chest rings for comfort & freedom of movement
  • Large lumbar support pad
  • Quick connect leg, chest and waist buckles
  • Durable polyester webbing
  • Integral lanyard parking points


Sizing: Universal
Material: Polyamide, mild steel and aluminium.
EN Mass Test: 140kg
Loading: Fall Arrest & Rescue Loads
Weight: 1.9 kg
Conformity: EN 358, EN 361