QUANTUM rope access back up device

Supremely simple, high performance rope access back-up device

The QUANTUM rope access back-up device combines both innovation and excellence. It does not simply meet industry standards, it surpasses them.


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Rope access back up device is a supremely simple, high performance device.

The QUANTUM back up device has a unique cam design that grips the rope in two places (patented), which allows an increased loading capability.

It has minimum slippage during arrest on all rope types therefore minimising the fall distance and it does not damage the sheath – even on old or dirty rope.

The QUANTUM rope access back up device contains high strength alloy with stainless steel friction surfaces.

Suitable for two person rescue.

The opening catch allows easy attachment or detachment from a rope at any point without riskof dropping the back-up device.

Each QUANTUM rope access back-up device is individually marked for traceability and all parts are visible for easy inspection and maintenance.

The maximum lanyard length 0.45 m has up to a fall factor of 2 or for lanyard length 0.9 m which has up to a fall factor 1. Does not require additional energy absorber.

Designed to address the “likelihood and consequence of misuse”; clause in IRATA International Code of Practice, March 2013,

Patented EP 2 796 172.

The QUANTUM rope access back up device is part of heightec’s Rope Access Kit (WK22). The kit also includes the AXON harness, EGO descender and the DUON safety helmet.

D26 Quantum detail


Sizing: Rope diameter 10.5mm - 11.5mm
Material: Aluminium and stainless steel
EN Mass Test: 100kg
Loading: Suitable for two person rescue
Weight: 0.3 kg
Conformity: EN353-2, EN358, EN12841A