GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART)

GWO training course enabling participants to access and rescue an injured person from the Hub and Nacelle, Tower and Basement section.

Includes registration on GWO WINDA database.

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GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART) course combines all four modules from the GWO Advanced Rescue Training Standard:

  • Hub, Spinner and Inside Blade Rescue (HSIBR)
  • Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue (NTBR)
  • Single Rescuer: Hub, Spinner and Inside Blade Rescue (SR:HSIBR)
  • Single Rescuer: Nacelle, Tower and Basement Rescue (SR:NTBR)

The training standard has been developed in response to the demand for recognisable advanced rescue training in the wind industry. The training is based on risk assessments and factual incident and accident statistics pertaining to the installation, service and maintenance of wind turbine generators and wind power plants.

On completion of the GWO ART course, participants will be able to:

  • Access and rescue an injured person from the Hub and Nacelle, Tower and Basement section
  • Perform entry-type injured person rescue operations in a WTG
  • Use industry standard rescue equipment, rescue methods and techniques, exceeding those of GWO Working at Height training course.

The Advanced Rescue Training course includes:

  • Introduction
  • Emergency response plans
  • Measures to prevent injury during training
  • Head support during rescue
  • Packaging the injured person
  • Lowering/raising rescue system
  • Hub rescue exercise 1 & 2 from blade
  • Hub rescue exercise 3 & 4 from spinner
  • Evacuation of an injured person from the nacelle to the base of the tower
  • Rescue from enclosed space
  • Rescue from crawl space
  • Rescue up
  • Single rescuer
  • Evaluation
To attend the ART course, participants must hold a valid in-date certificate for the following GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) Standard courses:

Training certificates are issued online via GWO’s WINDA system. Please refer to current information published by GWO.

A refresher course will be required. Please see GWO Advanced Rescue Training – Refresher (ARTR). The 3 day refresher course also refreshes the GWO Working at Heights (WAH) certification along with the Advanced Rescues.


  1. Safety footwear is required for all practical sessions.
  2. GWO course participants must have a WINDA ID before they book.  If you do not have a WINDA ID please register here.

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Course Details

Duration: 3 days
Course Venues: Aberdeen, Kendal
Entry Requirements:
Instructor Ratio: 1:4
Course Code: TWG011
Assessment: Practical and written
Certification: GWO WINDA online
Validity Period: Please refer to current information published by GWO.
Medical Requirements: Physical fitness with no contra-indications for working at height. A self-certified statement of reasonable fitness will be requested at course registration.
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