PIRANHA adjustable lanyard replacement rope – 2m, twistlock

Adjustable lanyard replacement rope for use with PIRANHA adjuster, allows precise positioning for the work task.

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PIRANHA adjustable lanyard replacement rope with twistlock karabiner, can be fitted by the user in minutes and requires only a screwdriver.

Changeable rope lengths for use on roofs and sloping situations when fitted to PIRANHA adjuster device.

PIRANHA adjustable lanyard replacement rope includes 11mm diameter UV stabilised high strength TECTRA rope complete with abrasion protection, sewn terminations and twistlock termination.

The PIRANHA also features a protection sleeve protects the rope against abrasion, sharp edges and contamination.

2m rope length available.

Adhesive heat shrink prevents the ID label from being damaged or lost.

Use of screwlinks (certain models) helps eliminate risk of side or cross loads, and can be a semi-permanent attachment if required.

NB: PIRANHA device is not included with PIRANHA replacement ropes.

View the full details of heightec’s wide range of adjustable lanyards for work positioning. the PIRANHA is a versatile adjustable lanyard in 2m to 20m lengths for work positioning and restraint situations. A compact device used for work positioning on masts, towers, pylons or other lattice structures in the telecoms, power and entertainment industries. The Piranha adjustable lanyard has a gradual action and can be accurately controlled with one hand – for both taking in and paying out.

PIRANHA adjustable lanyards are also available with a selection of connectors including scaff hooks, safety hooks and CE/ANSI hooks.

Commodity Code: 6307909899

Country of Origin: UK

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LA Piranha alloy detail


  • Protective sleeve
  • Adhesive heat shrink
  • Alloy twistlock karabiner


Material: Polyamide rope lanyard, plus connector
EN Mass Test: 125 kg
Loading: 1 person (with Piranha)
Weight: 1.7 kg
Conformity: EN 358