DELTA – Casualty Harness

Simple to deploy, quick to don. Ultra compact evacuation harness for lowering and lifting a casualty.

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DELTA - Casualty harness

heightec’s DELTA ultra lightweight casualty harness is constructed for easy transportation and stowage.

Elasticated waist helps to keep the harness in the correct position on the wearer, to provide security and support.

The simple design enables swift deployment and fitting.

Durable materials provide long service life.

NB: The DELTA is not designed or certified to arrest falls.

Universal sizing.

The DELTA casualty harness is a component of:

RescuePack TC Tower Crane Rescue System (WK39) – a self contained rescue system for self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty. Allows the controlled rescue of a casualty from tower cranes cab, jib or ladder by lifting or lowering.

RescuePack TC Tower Crane Rescue System – ProSeal – a self contained rescue system for self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty. The ultimate storage solution for mission-critical equipment. Hermetically sealed, giving a 10 year lifespan with supremely simple inspection process.

Core components:

The heightec ROTOR waterproof constant rate descender. The ultimate high performance rescue descender for self-evacuation or casualty recovery from tall structures, including wind turbines and tower cranes. The ROTOR rescue and evacuation descender is designed for raising, lowering and evacuation, with multiple evacuee capability.

  • Unique robust design, developed for the most demanding environments.
  • Total durability with 10+ year lifespan.
  • Complete safety with lowering and lifting capability, high load rating and integral load indicator.

Ultra compact DELTA casualty harness, one size fits all. Lightweight and easy to fit to an incapacitated casualty.

The locking extendable telescopic rescue reach pole extends for 3.5 m, which allows immediate connection to a person hanging suspended after a fall, on an extended energy absorbing lanyard.

Also available:

  • Work at Height First Aid Pack – portable kit for use on high structures. Compliant with BS8599-1:2019. Can be attached to harness for easy transport. Contained in rucksack style case, with prominent reflective markings, zip around opening and a robust carry handle with attachment loop for clipping to a harness.

Commodity Code: 6307909899

Country of Origin: UK

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  • Lightweight
  • Elasticated waist
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Durable polyurethane coated polyamide body
  • Universal sizing


Sizing: Universal
Material: Polyester, polyamide
EN Mass Test: 125kg
Loading: Rescue loads
Weight: 0.4 kg
Conformity: EN1498 (B)