KARI 65 Transport Bag, 65L, WLL 20kg

KARI range of durable, tough, waterproof kit bags for storage and hauling. 20 kg WLL rated. Tested and certified for high loads.

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heightec’s adaptable KARI 65 transport bag has 65 L capacity and features secure, roll top closure with extending straps for variable capacity. The new style has stronger seams which have been RF welded for enhanced strength and the reinforced cylindrical base offers exceptional durability. The roll top can be rolled outwards to hold the bag open when working.

The KARI 65 has been tested and certificated for high loads with a designated lifting point. Working load limit, rated for lifting with 7:1 factor of safety.

The versatile design means the bag can be used for either a work kit or rope. The KARI 65 comfortably fits up to 200 m of 11 mm rope. For a smaller capacity bag, see heightec’s KARI 50 transport bag, which comfortably holds up to 150 m of 11 mm rope.

The hard wearing, waterproof construction makes it an ideal kit and rope bag and ensures the integrity of the equipment inside is not compromised. The design and construction safeguards the bag for a long working life even in harsh or aggressive environments.

Padded and adjustable shoulder straps offer improved comfort and ease of carrying. The design of the straps means they can also be used as a carry handle.

The multi-purpose 65 L kit bag can also be tamper tagged for individual use of personal or rescue equipment and is rated for lifting up to 20 kg.

The external daisy chain is rated at 5 kg and provides further storage for user.

Clear document pocket for inspection records, kit list or to personalise.

Meets requirements of IPX7 (accidental immersion in water).

The KARI 65 forms part of heightec’s KARI range of tough, waterproof kit bags for storage and hauling. Designed specifically for work at height and rescue, the KARI transport bag range brings all the features of traditional dry bags but with increased protection. Different styles available for different functions – personal kits, rescue systems, rope, tool bags etc. View the full range here.

Commodity Code: 6307909899

Country of Origin: China

B30 rope bag detail


  • RF welded seams for increased strength
  • Double thickness base for increased durability
  • Waterproof construction
  • Clear document pocket
  • Roll top style closure with side fasteners
  • Lockable for issuing personal or rescue equipment
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Daisy chain on outside for extra storage (rated 5kg)
  • WLL, rated for lifting up to 20kg, dedicated lifting point & 7:1 Factor of Safety
  • Marked with unique ID number
  • Comfortably holds up to 200m of 11mm rope
  • Meets requirements of IPX7 (accidental submersion in water)


Sizing: 65L, H 70cm, W 40cm, D 25cm
Material: PVC, Nylon
EN Mass Test: Non PPE
Loading: 20 kg WLL
Weight: 1.3 kg
Conformity: Non PPE