Pulley, single – stainless, 5cm

Stainless steel, single sheave, rescue pulley.

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Single stainless steel pulley features stainless steel side plates with nylon pulley wheel for corrosion resistance and reduced spark hazard.

The wide opening swivelling plates offer easy attachment of the pulley to rope.

The large attachment point on the pulley can accommodate up to 3 connectors for complex rigging systems.

Self lubricating bearing.

The large diameter sheave on the pulley increases mechanical efficiency.

To use with 13 mm diameter or smaller rope.

View heightec’s full range of pulleys including the TORNADO lifting and lowering device for controlled lifting and lowering, CYCLONE heavy duty hauling pulley with a locking cam and HURRICANE rope clamp with pulley – casualty recovery hauling device.

This single stainless steel pulley is also a featured product in heightec’s rescue kits:

  • ROTOR Tower Crane Rescue System – a self contained rescue system for recovery of a fallen person or casualty from a tower crane, cab, jib or ladder by lifting and lowering. Designed to rescue a fallen person or casualty at high elevation who is unable to help themselves. The heightec ROTOR constant rate descender with lifting capability and maximum speed limiter.
  • ROTOR WTG Rescue System – For self-evacuation or recovery of a casualty from tall structures, including wind turbines. ROTOR WTG Rescue System has been configured to meet the exacting requirements of the renewables sector. The ROTOR rescue system is fully rated for 2 person descent.
  • RescuePack Pro – Technical rescue system for fire service and professional rescue teams – multi function with lowering, raising and rescuer safety capabilities. RescuePack™ Pro is a unique and completely self-contained industrial rescue system. It has been developed with and is extensively used by UK Fire Services and other industrial rescue teams.
  • ROTOR WTG ProSeal Rescue System with Aluminium Case – Hermetically sealed giving a 10 year lifespan with supremely simple inspection process.
  • ROTOR WTG ProSeal Rescue System with barrel – Hermetically sealed giving a 10 year lifespan with supremely simple inspection process.

Commodity Code: 7326909890

Country of Origin: UK

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  • Room for multiple connectors in large attachment point
  • Self lubricating bearing


Sizing: Rope diameter 13mm or smaller.
Material: Stainless steel, nylon
EN Mass Test: 30kN
Loading: 300 kg SWL
Weight: 0.282 kg
Conformity: EN 12278