POWERLOCK tower rescue and evacuation descender – alloy

Tower rescue and evacuation descender designed for two person loads with double action safety mechanism

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The POWERLOCK is a sophisticated tower rescue and evacuation descender specifically designed to recover a suspended casualty via a “pick-off” rescue in descent.

Patented secondary braking mechanism of the alloy POWERLOCK tower rescue and evacuation descender increases the force applied by the operator and provides a dampening effect when the braking cam is released.

Very fine descent control with minimal “Go” position for maximum safety. The tail rope can be pulled back through the device if needed, allowing the device to move back up an unloaded rope.

The POWERLOCK is intuitive to use for both descending and lowering. The long handle allows for fine control of rope friction during descent.

Anodised aluminium material used for this device ensures the device is light weight, easy to use and contains scratch resistance qualities.

High load rating – suitable for two person loads.

POWERLOCK is supplied as component of TowerPack – Tower Rescue System (WK33 & WK34) . This work system is for evacuation, lowering or recovery of a casualty by abseiling from tall structures.

Patented GB 2 367 048.

Commodity Code: 7616999099

Country of Origin: UK

D321 Powerlock open on rope


  • Fine control for maximum safety
  • Patented braking system
  • Quick and easy to inspect


Sizing: Rope diameter 11 mm
Material: Anodised Aluminium
EN Mass Test: 200 kg/275 kg
Loading: 200 kg SWL
Weight: 0.55 kg
Conformity: EN341 B, EN12841 C