GWO Slinger Signaller (SLS)

Enables participants to conduct slinging techniques and signaller during simple lifting operations in the wind industry.

Includes registration on GWO WINDA database.

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The GWO Slinger Signaller (SLS) training course enabling participants to support and care for themselves and others while working with slinger signalling in the wind industry by possessing the required knowledge, skills and ability to conduct assigned tasks safely and efficiently.

Upon successful completion of the GWO Slinger Signaller training course, the participant will be able to work within the wind industry conduction slinging techniques and signalling during simple lifting operations, meaning lifts conducted based on a lifting plan or covering known hazards.

Slinger Signaller will be able to take responsibility for:

  • attaching and detaching loads to/from the crane lifting attachment
  • initiating and directing safe movement of the crane, including multiple slinger signallers during limited or blind lifts in both familiar and unfamiliar situations
  • their role and responsibilities during the lift
  • visual pre and post inspection on lifting accessories and load
  • handling lifting accessories
  • ensuring safe lift-off and lay down of the load
  • slinging various types of load, based on weight, centre of gravity, shape and size and seek guidance when needed
  • carrying out generic routine lifts in accordance with the lift plan independently and responsibility
  • compliance with instructions/procedures set up by the employer to manage lifting and to seek guidance when needed
  • equipment used is properly applied, maintained and that defects are reported

Training certificates are issued online via GWO’s WINDA system. The Slinger Signaller training is an enduring qualification and therefore a validity period does not apply to this training. This assumes that the participant is actively working with slinger signalling tasks.

The GWO Slinger Signaller training course includes:

  • General safety
  • Theory:
    • Role and basic signals
    • Legislation
    • Lifting equipment types
    • Accessories
    • Dynamic or static
    • Generic routine lifting plans
    • Risk assessment
  • Practical:
    • Manual handling
    • Slings
    • Shackles
    • Lifting bags
    • Load attachment point types
    • Accessory storage
    • Pre-post use check
    • Quarantine
    • Crane functions
    • Load orientation devices
    • Lifting angles
    • Centre of gravity
    • Suspended loads and dropped objects
    • Lifting zones
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Toolbox talk
    • hand/radio signals
  • Training review


  1. Safety footwear is required for all practical sessions.
  2. Participants must provide a WINDA ID number at time of booking. Failure to do so will delay GWO certification. Please refer to
  3. GWO participants are required to bring a government issued ID (passport or driving license) which will be checked at registration on their course.

It is the participants/bookers responsibility to ensure that all relevant pre-requisites are met to attend this course and that the evidence is provided on the first day of the course e.g. in-date certificates for revalidation courses.

Failure to meet any of these pre-requisites may result in the participant being asked to leave the course. No refund will be given in this event.

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Course Details

Duration: 2 days
Course Venues: Aberdeen, Kendal
Entry Requirements:
  • Participants must have a WINDA ID before booking a GWO course.
  • Minimum age 18.
  • Must be fluent in English.
Instructor Ratio: 1:6
Course Code: TWG007
Assessment: The instructor will assess safety, competence and aptitude during practical work and multiple choice written test with discussion.
Certification: GWO WINDA online
Validity Period: The slinger signaller training is an enduring qualification and therefore a validity period does not apply to this training. This assumes that the participant is actively working with slinger signalling tasks.
Medical Requirements: Physical fitness with no contra-indications for practical training. A self-certified statement of reasonable fitness will be requested at course registration.
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