Advanced Hub Rescue for Wind Turbines

For all WTG climbers who are required to access and work in the hub (inc blade area) areas of wind turbines. This course includes Hub and Yaw area rescues.

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For people who are competent to work at height and require skills to provide rescue or self-evacuation from wind turbine generators.

This advanced hub rescue for wind turbines training course provides the knowledge and skills needed for someone to work safely in hub (incl. blade area).

The course includes the elements of a Safe System of Work, including equipment selection and inspection, use of tools, risk assessment, method statements and emergency procedures.

Practical rescues are carried out in the hub, blade and yaw area. The training facilities are all purpose built to provide a realistic working environment for participants.

Course elements covered in Advanced Hub Rescue include:

  • General safety requirements for work on WTG
  • Procedures for accessing and working within the turbine
  • Selection, care and maintenance of equipment
  • Types of anchorage in WTG
  • Suspension Syncope in Rescue
  • Specific hazards found in the Hub (including blade area) and Yaw
  • Emergencies: types of and actions during
  • Use of full and half type stretchers

Practical skills covered in Advanced Hub Rescue include:

  • Safe use of personal protective equipment
  • Correct fitting and adjustment of harness
  • Correct use of Hub access equipment
  • Continuous attachment
  • Rescue of a person from the Hub area, including considerations of recovery route
  • Ensuring safety of self and others
  • Fitting and use of rescue stretchers
  • Casualty handling and extraction

Safety footwear is required for all practical sessions.

It is the participants/bookers responsibility to ensure that all relevant pre-requisites are met to attend this course and that the evidence is provided on the first day of the course e.g. in-date certificates for revalidation courses.

Failure to meet any of these pre-requisites may result in the participant being asked to leave the course. No refund will be given in this event.

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Advanced Hub Rescue course was previously referenced as: TTS6U

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Course Details

Duration: 1 day
Course Venues: Aberdeen, Kendal, Leeds
Entry Requirements:
  • Completion of TWG004 GWO Working at Height or TWG005 GWO Working at Height with Manual Handling Combined. This course is not intended to teach the elementary use of fall protection equipment. It is essential that all participants are already competent in such use, including understanding how to fit and use a harness, the need for safe connection at all times and the use of energy absorbing lanyard. Participants will be required to produce suitable valid certification prior to acceptance on course.
  • Minimum age 18.
  • Must be fluent in English.
Instructor Ratio: 1:4
Course Code: TWH029
Assessment: Practical and written assessment
Certification: heightec
Validity Period: 2 years
Medical Requirements: Physical fitness with no contra-indications for working at height. A self-certified statement of reasonable fitness will be requested at course registration.