Advanced Lifting and Lowering Kit

Complete kit for rigging and light lifting

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The advanced lifting and lowering kit is designed to lift small loads and is ideally suited to the renewables, construction and telecoms industries.

The PRISM rope control device provides a hands free locking function and can be changed from lift to lower whilst under load.

HURRICANE hauling device allows a pulley system to be added or removed quickly and easily. Unique, patented device available only from heightec.

Additional pulley can be used for redirection or increasing mechanical advantage as required.

The brand new, versatile, multi-purpose equipment KARI 30 kit bag from heightec comes with shoulder straps, roll top closure and working load limit for lifting. Hard wearing, waterproof construction ensures the integrity of the bag is not compromised, even in the harshest of environments.

The advanced lifting and lowering kit comes complete with:

  • PRISM descender / rope control device
  • Hurricane hauling device
  • 50 mm pulley
  • 11 mm diameter rope with sewn terminations for safety & strength
  • Load rated 30L storage bag (B30 – WLL 18kg)
  • 1 m wire strop x 2
  • Triple action steel karabiners x 3

Use 2 kits to produce a hauling system with tensioned pilot line.

Optional extra: 150 kg safe working load SWL lifting bag

Lengths available: 50 m, 100 m


Sizing: Lengths available: 50m, 100m
Weight: 8 kg
Conformity: Various EN Approvals