CONTRACT Steel oval screwgate karabiner

Economy karabiner with screwgate closure. Requires two independent actions to open.

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economy karabiner

CONTRACT Steel oval screwgate karabiner.

Will not lock up under load (unlike other economy models the gate is designed so that the screw barrel will not jam against the nose when the karabiner is loaded).

Compatible with virtually all pulley systems.

Steel body with aluminium barrel.

22 mm gate opening.

Used in all work at height and rescue.

Also available as a bundle offer: box of 100 (CKS0100).

Commodity Code: 7326909890

Country of Origin: Taiwan


  • Will not lock up under load
  • Oval shape
  • Compatible with virtually all pulley systems
  • Screwgate
  • Steel body with aluminium barrel
  • 22mm gate opening


Sizing: L 109mm, W 60mm, Ø 10mm
Material: Zinc plated steel and aluminium
EN Mass Test: N/A
Loading: 25kN major axis
Weight: 0.178 kg
Conformity: EN362:2004/B