TECTRA™ 10.5mm Low Stretch Rope – White

High quality, low stretch kernmantel rope for all work at height and rescue applications.

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10.5mm Low Stretch Rope

TECTRA™ 10.5mm low stretch rope is specially designed for use with modern rope devices and are durable and wear resistant.

TECTRA™ is a new generation of low stretch kernmantel rope, made from top quality polyamide nylon yarn. They have excellent handling characteristics and are durable and wear resistant.

The sheath construction provides excellent protection against damage or pollution of the core and performs well with heightec rope devices.

10.5mm low stretch rope is generally used for rope access.

These ropes are of high strength, with good resistance to repeated falls. A special termination processes give a perfect seal on spool ends.

NB: Price is per metre and only available in 50m increments. Ropes are not supplied with terminations unless YSEWN is added to the order. Please order 2 YSEWNA if both rope ends require termination.


TECTRA™ ropes have the following characteristics:
  • Top quality polyamide fibre with UV stabilisation treatment in full cross section of the yarn
  • Thermostabilisation of yarn at different stages of production
  • Special treatment for better handling and improved characteristics when wet
  • High strength, with good resistance to repeated falls
  • Special termination process on spool ends to give perfect end seal


Sizing: 10.5mm
Material: Polyamide nylon, White
Weight: 14.4 kg
Conformity: EN 1891