TECTRA™ 11mm Low Stretch Rope – Gold

Available with or without terminations.

High quality, low stretch kernmantel rope for all work at height and rescue applications.

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TECTRA™ is a new generation of low stretch kernmantel rope. The tightly woven sheath protects the core from UV light, cutting, dirt and abrasion.

High twist yarn gives excellent handling & knotability.

Low stretch ropes are suitable for suspension of a load yet capable of absorbing energy in the case of a fall with a fall factor less than one.

TECTRA ropes are specially designed for use in a wide range of situations and with modern rope devices.

6.5% shrinkage, 5% elongation in use.

Minimum Breaking Loads (MBL):
32kN – unknotted
22kN – sewn
18kN – knotted

NB: Price is per metre and only available in 50m increments. Ropes are not supplied with terminations unless YSEWN is added to the order. Please order 2 YSEWNC if both rope ends require termination, 1 x YSEWNC if only one end is to be terminated.

Commodity Code: 5607501190

Country of Origin: UK


TECTRA™ ropes have the following characteristics:
  • Top quality polyamide fibre with UV stabilisation treatment in full cross section of the yarn
  • Thermostabilisation of yarn at different stages of production
  • Special treatment for better handling and improved characteristics when wet
  • High strength, with good resistance to repeated falls
  • Special termination process on spool ends to give perfect end seal


Sizing: 11mm
Material: Polyamide nylon, Gold
Loading: 32 kN MBL (un-knotted), 22 kN MBL (sewn), 18 kN MBL (knotted)
Weight: 15 kg
Conformity: EN 1891 (A)