NEW VORTEX Wind Turbine Climbers Harness

H34Q Vortex


Premium lightweight, multi-functional wind turbine climbers harness for work positioning & fall arrest.

Vortex Wind Turbine Harness

Lightweight Construction – breathable rear panel and integrated waist belt for support and protection. The waist pad is fitted with two side D’s. The back panel also helps to hold the harness in shape, reducing tangling and aiding orientation.

Fast & Easy Fit – SafeLock™ quick connect leg, waist and chest buckles allow the harness to be removed without the need for re-adjustment.

Maximum Comfort – Chest rings align the webbing to ensure good fit and security.

Integrated Parking Points – allow lanyards to be stowed when not in use, yet break free in a fall preventing issues from incorrect loading. These are positioned on the shoulder pads to avoid the trip hazard associated with longer lanyards.

High Rear Attachment Point – positioned at the nape of the neck to eliminate discomfort when climbing WTG ladders.

Durable Robust Design – hard-wearing rear shoulder and waist protection for ascending and descending.

High Load Rating – 140kg. 20kg SWL gear loops

NEW VORTEX - Wind Turbine Harness, Quick Connect
Wear resistent rear panels on waist and shoulders increasing harness lifespan.


The VORTEX wind turbine harness complies with Siemens PPE requirements PRO-13838 Ap1.

Available in our Wind Turbine Climbers Kits:

Sizes available:

  • H34Q VORTEX quick connect, standard – Torso 78 – 106 cm. Waist 80 – 125 cm. Thigh 65 – 105 cm
  • H34QL VORTEX quick connect, large – Torso 90 -120 cm. Waist 95 – 160 cm. Thigh 65 – 120 cm

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