PHOENIX Professional Rescue Harness

Award winning rescue harness for vertical rescue, confined space entry and fall arrest.

Designed for fire and industrial rescue teams working in confined space, vertical rescue and fall arrest. Suitable for use with back-mounted breathing apparatus.

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The award winning PHOENIX professional rescue harness  is a specialist quick connect rescue harness developed in collaboration with the UK fire service in 1997.

For specialist fire and industrial rescue teams. The most popular harness in the UK fire service.

The new design of accessory loop at the shoulder reduces snagging.

Designed with an integral low profile back panel to maintain the structure of the harness. Semi-circular screwlink permits safe multi-directional loading for casualty attachment.

Front attachment point is rated for fall arrest; it can be used for lowering or raising and suspension.

Lightweight alloy rear attachment point is rated for fall arrest and suspension, it is positioned high to be compatible with breathing apparatus and is reachable by the user.

Redesigned, highly-durable Cordura sleeves provide added protection and wear resistance for the leg loops, extending the product life. Leg loops have anti-twist feature to aid correct fit.

Adjustable side buckles allow for added comfort and sizing, but lock to prevent accidental release.

Buckles are captive to prevent disassembly and with large tabs for easy adjustment even wearing gloves.

Accessory D-loop allows attachment of torch, radio etc.

Additional features:

  • Rapid, easy fitting
  • Highly durable and comfortable
  • Ultra-secure screwlink front attachment point

The PHOENIX is uniquely adjustable and universally sized to fit all.

Now available with quick connect leg loops: PHOENIX Professional Rescue Harness – quick connect.

PHOENIX Rescue Harness Measurements:

Torso – 95 – 130 cm
Thigh – 65 – 110 cm

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H11 Phoenix harness detail


  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Highly durable and comfortable to wear
  • Integral back panel
  • Semi-circular screwlink front attachment point
  • High rear attachment point
  • Protective leg loop sleeves
  • Adjustable locking side buckles
  • Captive buckles with large tabs
  • Low profile accessory loop at shoulder


Sizing: Universal
Material: Polyamide, Stainless Steel and Plated screwlink.
EN Mass Test: 150kg
Loading: Fall Arrest & Rescue Loads
Weight: 1.16 kg
Conformity: EN 361, EN 1497