ASTRA Steel offset screwgate karabiner

High strength (41kN) steel karabiner with screwgate closure.

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Steel Offset Screwgate Karabiner

High strength 41kN offset ASTRA Steel Offset Screwgate Karabiner

Screwgate closure with 22 mm gate clearance with a captive bar. 41 kN MBL.

Good gate opening to fit over 22 mm round bar.

Plated steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

Also available with triple action lock – Please see ASTRA Captive Tri-Act Karabiner (CKS4)

Also available with twistlock – Please see ASTRA Twistlock Karabiner (CKS3)


  • 41 kN MBL
  • Screwgate closure
  • Plated Steel


Material: Plated steel
Weight: 0.21 kg
Conformity: EN 362