TELSON Drag Stretcher for Confined Space

3/4 length stretcher designed for confined area rescue, ideal for wind turbine rescue.

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MS05 Telson Drag Stretcher

3/4 length TELSON drag stretcher designed for confined area rescue and ideal for wind turbine rescue.

Metal half body TELSON drag stretcher allows safe access to casualties in restricted hub areas. Can lift casualty horizontally or vertically, depending on rescue required.

Provides durable transportation for extraction to safe area over rough terrain and industrial machinery.

Constructed of high strength stainless steel, this stretcher gives high body protection for the casualty and has adjustable head and neck immobilisation strap with adjustable chest and leg slings.

Casualty is supported in a reclined sitting position. The removable bridle allows lifting in a horizontal or substantially vertical position. Attachment point at head end can be used for horizontal dragging or lifeline down slopes or steps. Bridle straps can be separated for better access when loading the casualty.

Ten rigid and one flexible handle give multiple carrying options and allow ease of handling in constricted areas.

Angled profile at base, sides and head ends help movement over obstacles.

Chest and leg straps hold the casualty securely and have quick connect buckles for rapid deployment. Straps can be removed for cleaning if required.

Flexible handle at the head end increases the usable area of the stretcher without increasing the overall size.

Product registered with the UK Competent Authority, MHRA, Class 1 Medical Device.

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Commodity Code: 7326909890

Country of Origin: UK

heightec telson rotor rescue


  • 10 rigid carrying handles.
  • 1 flexible handle at head end.
  • Captive head, chest & leg straps to secure casualty.
  • Removable bridle for horizontal and inclined lifting/lowering.
  • Attachment point for vertical lifting/lowering or dragging.
  • Straps are removable for cleaning.


Material: Steel
EN Mass Test: 140kg
Loading: WLL 1 person
Weight: 7 kg
Conformity: CE 2007/47/EEC Class1