Sewn Terminations for Low Stretch Rope

High strength sewn terminations for TECTRA low strength rope, used for work at height & rescue applications.  Add-on for rope purchases.

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Rope terminations

Sewn Terminations can be added to orders for rope.

Ropes are not supplied with terminations, if you require terminations please order 1 x YSEWN for each rope end that needs terminating.

  • Safety – designed to maintain the full strength of the rope, our terminations reduce the risk of failure, providing peace of mind in critical applications.
  • Exceptional Strength – industrial-grade stitching techniques that provide superior strength and reliability compared to traditional knots.
  • Durability – superior materials are resistant to harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Ease of Use – pre-sewn terminations eliminate the need for time-consuming knots, allowing for quick and easy installation.

The use of sophisticated computer controlled sewing methods, allows us to eliminate knows from all our fall protection and rescue systems. Sewn terminations are considerably stronger than any knot in a rope, are less bulky and help to eliminate user error. The ingress of dirt is prevented by a protective covering on the termination.

Tectra Low Stretch Rope

NB: Rope is sold separately in 50 m increments:

heightec’s TECTRA™ low-stretch rope is a new generation of kernmantel rope, made from polyamide nylon yarn with UV stabilisation treatment in full cross-section of the yarn.

TECTRA ropes have excellent handling characteristics and are durable and wear-resistant.

Low stretch ropes are suitable for the suspension of a load yet capable of absorbing energy in the case of a fall with a Fall Factor less than one.

The yarn is thermostabilised at different stages of production and treated for better handling and performance when wet.

Kernmantel rope is stronger, more durable and considerably more resistant to damage from cutting over an edge during a fall.

6.5% shrinkage, 5% elongation in use.

The sheath construction of the rope provides excellent protection against damage or pollution of the core and performs well with heightec’s range of rope devices.

Minimum Breaking Loads (MBL):
32 kN – unknotted
22 kN – sewn
18 kN – knotted

Rope Protection:

  • GRATEMATE Rope Protector for metal or composite grating (MR63)
  • SENTINEL Chainmail Rope Protector (MR705)
  • CASCADE Edge Protector (MR75)
  • DURA Heavy-duty Rope Protector (MR80)
  • TORRENT Edge Pad (MR85). Multi layered edge pad. Inner padded layer protects against abrasion and smooths rough edges e.g. stone or concrete.

Commodity Code: 5607501190



Sewn Termination:
  • Industrial-grade stitching techniques that provide
  • Superior strength and reliability compared to traditional knots or splices
  • Resistant to abrasion, UV rays, and harsh environmental conditions
  • Maintains full strength of the rope
  • Contrasting colours for ease of inspection
Tectra Low Stretch Rope:
  • Top quality polyamide fibre with UV stabilisation treatment in full cross-section of the yarn
  • Thermostabilisation of yarn at different stages of production
  • Special treatment for better handling and improved characteristics when wet
  • High strength, with good resistance to repeated falls
  • Special termination process on rope ends to give perfect end seal - add YSEWN to order
  • 6.5% shrinkage, 5% elongation in use


Material: Polyamide
Loading: 22kN minimum tensile strength on 11mm Tectra low stretch rope
Weight: 0.5 kg
Conformity: EN 1891 (A)